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What an adventure you have before you. We’d love to help you plan the party of your dreams. What kind of event do you want to host? Share a few of your ideas with us so we can make suggestions and offer you a few pricing and package options. We always have special promotions. Party planning should be easy and stress-free; leave the heavy lifting to us.

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Secure the date of your big day and lock in your special pricing with a deposit...and let the party planning begin!


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Put your party-planning hat on, roll up your sleeves, and let’s have some fun creating your perfect day! We love the details. Tell us what you want, and we’ll work with you to make it happen. We’ve thrown a party or two and have countless suggestions to give your event its signature feel. No detail is too small, whether it’s the cocktail hour playlist, location of the photo booth, or types of dances at the reception (except for maybe the chicken dance; we might have to put our foot down there). Lets throw a party!

Just have fun.


Let's Celebrate

Grab a cocktail, pitch your shoes, and just have fun. We’ll make sure the sound is pitch-perfect, the lighting sets the mood, and the video is rolling. But we can’t promise you we’ll keep your Uncle Harry from sharing embarrassing details from your childhood in his toast.

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